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Criminal Lawyer in Northville, MI

Visit a Northville, MI, criminal lawyer that understands your circumstances and may be able to help you navigate your present legal troubles. The Law Offices of Charles H. Marr offers the personalized attention our clients’ cases often demand. Our practice will examine your case, and if we find issues in police procedure or court documents, we’ll bring them to the attention of a judge.

If we feel a deal is the best option to move your situation forward, we’ll strive to secure better terms. If we believe going to court is the right approach, we provide the local representation you need to address:

  • Juvenile accusations
  • Violent claims
  • DUI charges
  • Drug cases
  • Sex crimes

The Law Offices of Charles H. Marr provides access to investigators and photography specialists who may be able to enhance our argument in court. When you need to speak with a Northville, MI, criminal lawyer, we offer a free initial consultation. Ask our office what we may be able to do help protect your rights before it’s too late.